December 23, 2021

What Are Your Incentives To Get Employees Back To Work?

As the pandemic dwindles down (hopefully), and more and more people return to work, there is a brewing battle between employees and employers to find a satisfactory hybrid working situation. 

While some companies, like Twitter, have implemented a “forever-virtual” policy, most companies are realistic that some time in the office is necessary. 

So, how can companies incentivize employees to come back to the office - and enjoy it? 

Here are a few great ideas for HR managers to implement in order to attract employees (happily) back to the office. 

1. Implement a Morning Exercise Program

Incentives to get employees back to work

Have you heard the term “Corporate Wellness Program” thrown about? Companies like Zoom and Qualcomm are starting employees’ days off with a company-wide wellness class that makes employees energized and more productive for the day ahead. 

Wellness classes range from morning meditation, to stretching, nutrition, and onto physical activity programs, and more.

Here is an example of Zoom’s weekly class schedule with Paragon Body, a leading Corporate Wellness Provider: 

Incentives to get employees back to work

Corporate wellness classes are a great way to get employees excited about heading to work each day. As classes begin at 8am, and continue again at lunchtime, the virtual or on-site classes promote bonding among coworkers, camaraderie, and overall increased health at work. 

You can find out more about implementing a corporate wellness program at your company here

2. Make it Flexible

Another way employers are encouraging employees back to work is by doing it gently. 

Flexible working - otherwise known as hybrid working - is a great way to ease employees back into the habit of commuting. 

There are various ways to implement flexible working arrangements. 

You can have employees choose which days they are in the office - as long as it meets a certain, required amount - or you can designate days that everyone is required to attend in-person. 

Whichever flexible working arrangement you decide on will go a long way in making it more palatable for employees to join. 

3. Reimburse Travel Costs

Incentives to get employees back to work

Many companies are using travel reimbursements to ease employees back into the realities of commuting. 

If your office is located in a more expensive city, it may simply be too expensive for employees to opt for the office over home each day. 

Offering a reimbursement of tolls, or offering an Uber or Lift stipend each month is a great way to incentivize employees back into the office. 

If your business cannot afford a travel stipend for every employee, another option is to trial flexible commuting times for employees. Rideshares are notoriously more expensive at peak times, not to mention extra frustrating, so letting employees come into the office when they choose could be a great compromise. 

4. Incorporate Casual Days

Last but not least, implementing a more casual attire in the office may appeal to employees in certain industries. 

Most workers have grown accustomed to working in their pajamas all day. And while pajamas aren’t an appropriate outfit for outside of the home, not having to put on high heels or a tie every day may lessen the hassle for many workers. 

If you are in a customer-facing industry, implementing just one or two days of casual attire each week may be a good compromise. 

Bonus Ideas To Get More Employees Back To The Office

While the most successful ways we’ve seen employers incentivize employees back to the office are the ones we’ve already mentioned, there are a few bonus ideas we want to include to give you as many ideas as possible. 

Here are a few other incentives that companies are trying:

There you have it! Our top ideas for getting employees back into the office. 

While you can always make in-office working mandatory, we recommend trialing a few of these incentives to ease employees back in. It’s important to create a hybrid working environment that keeps employees and employers happy. 

For more information about corporate wellness classes or nutrition consulting for your team, you can get in touch with us any time