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At Paragon Body in Saratoga, personal training goes well beyond just lunges and sit ups. We're here to help you feel better about yourself - and that's exactly what we love to do! Check out our 5-star reviews on Google to read why Paragon Body trainers are a step ahead of the competition.

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Not Getting Results From Cookie Cutter Training?

We get it! We know not everyone is the same. That's why we build customized training and nutrition plans at our Saratoga gym that fit your busy schedule and unique lifestyle. At Paragon Body, we do an initial free InBody scan & assessment, create a customized nutrition program specifically for you, and design a training program that aligns with your goals.


Saratoga Personal Trainer



Saratoga Personal Trainer



Saratoga Personal Trainer



Saratoga Personal Trainer

We're here until you reach your goals

We don't just care about Personal training. We care about you.

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It starts with your attitude! At Paragon Body, we get to know your "why" first, and work with you to build confidence in what you're going to achieve. From there, we figure out how we're going to get there together.

Improve your mindset with Paragon Body Personal Training


When training, it's all too easy to forget why you started exercising in the first place. We help you stay focused on the end goal by providing regular check ins and accountability from both your trainers and dedicated nutritionist.

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Get healthy from the inside out

What we do in the Saratoga home gym is very important! However, what happens outside of it is just as crucial. We incorporate a well balanced approach through regular cardiovascular activity, comprehensive strength training, and ongoing nourishment of your body with healthier food.

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Thrive when
you're not with us

We believe that good health extends far beyond what you do in the gym. Our goal is to improve your overall quality of life, from increased productivity, to having more energy, to of course looking good at the pool!


A positive mindset goes a long way! Here at Paragon Body, our Saratoga personal trainers are always in a happy & motivating mood to help you get the best of yourself each and every training session. You'll always leave Paragon Body in a better mood than when you came in! 


YOU'll Feel Better As Soon As You Walk Through The Doors

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Contagious Energy

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Empathetic Trainers

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Strong Community

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Life Long Learnings

I cannot say enough good things about this company and the change that they brought to my life.

In the fitness industry (where anyone will take a dollar to give you a fake product or a cookie-cutter program) Jordan is one of the most honest and genuine people that I have met. Paragon Body will always hold a special place in my life!"

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Shelby Rae Elrod
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Your Hyper-personalized 360° Saratoga Training Program

Here's what you can expect when you walk through the doors.


Meet Your New
Favorite Coach

We know that personal training is just that - it's personal! We'll match you with a coach that is the best fit for your specific goals.


Work on a program that fits your lifestyle

Together, we'll establish your goals and set you up on a program that keeps you active, incorporates the right nutrition, and strengthens your mindset both inside and outside of the gym.


Get weekly support - in and out of the gym

As coaches, we're always going to be in touch. We know accountability is huge when it comes to creating healthy lifestyle habits. That's why we provide weekly progress checks and ongoing changes to programs as needed


Achieve your fitness goalS. Let's get to work!

It's time to make it happen! You can trust us to get you where you want to be in a safe and sustainable way.

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Come visit us in person in Saratoga, CA and meet our personal training & nutrition team in person. We can help you identify goals, set a timeline, and give the plan and support you need to see results.

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