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Designated Platform For All Employees

With Paragon Body, every employee gets exclusive access to a password-secured employee wellness page to access all class schedules, view previously-recorded classes, read our trainer-approved recipes, and much, much more!

Join Live Online Classes Throughout The Week

Choose from a variety of virtual and in-person wellness classes for employees to join including Yoga, Meditation, Stretching, Full Body Fitness, Nutrition Classes and more! Our encouraging and motivating trainers will bring a contagious positive attitude to every class and help employees work up a sweat in between work hours.

Watch Previously Recorded Classes anytime

Can’t make it to class? Don’t worry! We upload all of our class recordings to your designated company page so employees can watch and enjoy our wellness classes any time of day!

New! Recipe hub For trainer-Approved Meals

Along with our educational nutrition classes, we help employees stay healthy and motivated with our evergrowing Paragon Body Recipe Hub - exclusive for platform employees! You’ll find a range of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and energy bite recipes to try in order to keep your wellness journey on track!

1:1 Consultations With trainers & Nutritionists!

Book 1:1 consultations with Paragon Body personal trainers and nutritionists to get tailored advice for each employee, directly through the employee wellness platform! 

Loved By Execs & Employees

We design employee wellness programs for companies of all shapes and sizes. Schedule your demo to find the plan that’s right for your growing team!

Paragon Body offers top of the line fitness and nutrition coaching. Since starting with them 6 months ago, I have surpassed my weight loss and strength building goals. The entire staff, specifically my 1:1 trainer Jordan, are highly knowledgeable and skilled with providing a tailored workout program to meet your individual needs. If you are committed to improving your overall fitness, Paragon Body will make it happen for you.

Christian Teixeira

I've been doing Paragon Body's corporate fitness program through NUVIA for over a year now and I can't recommend them enough! I have attended a number of different classes through them, from full body fitness, to stretch and breath classes, to Lunch and Learns that focus on maintaining a healthy diet, or even making healthy and good-tasting foods. All of this has kept me healthy and fit while stuck at home through this pandemic. I would recommend Paragon Body to anyone, both in a corporate wellness as well as an individual fitness capacity.


At a time when many of us spend the vast majority of our time at home, Paragon Body has stepped up to the challenge that is providing quality remote physical fitness training/education. I personally struggled to maintain my own health and well-being once the stay at home orders came down nearly one year ago. Jordan and Brianna not only motivated me, they turned my life around with their comprehensive/flexible dieting and training programs. I cannot understate what a wonderful experience working with them has been!

Aaron Derbacher

Hands down the best! Very knowledgeable and adaptive to what fits best for you and your needs. Paragon Body has a very extensive network team of individuals that can fit your every need. I enjoy working with them and have seen great results.

Jeannie Anderson

Top notch Team seriously they are the best around!

taylor harper

Paragon Body is a great team to work with! They're constantly sending out high quality guides to help stay on track towards your goals and stick with a healthy mindset!