June 21, 2022

A Day In The Life of a San Jose Personal Trainer | Paragon Body

Have you ever wondered what the day of a San Jose personal trainer is really like?

What they eat, how they work out, and how they prep themselves up for their clients day in and day out? 

Today, we're chatting with an elite San Jose personal trainer, Callaway Cook of Paragon Body to see what an average day is like for him.

A Day In The Life Of A San Jose Personal Trainer

Q: Hey Cal! Thanks for chatting with us today. Let's start with an easy one - what time do you usually wake up?

A: Usually around 6am.

Q: What do you do for exercise each week?

A: I work out 5 to 6 days a week, mainly strength training and cardio! 

Q: What do you eat for breakfast?

A: I usually wake up and have some eggs and oatmeal side of toast with avocado or peanut butter!

Q: What is a typical personal training session like?

A: A typical personal training session with me is always very fun! We always put a big emphasis on getting into the habit of having amazing form and posture, and then gear the workouts towards whatever goals my clients are trying to achieve. But with every workout comes a lot of laughs, learning, and an overall great time! I have amazing clients.

Q: What do you do for mental health?

A: For mental health I like to go on hikes - it's great for your heart and it's an amazing time to spend by yourself, clear your head, and see beautiful views!

Q: What do you eat for snacks?

A: My snacks are mostly protein shakes or protein bars! You can view some really great recipes over on our Recipe Hub.

Q: What supplements do you take?

A: I take a lot of vitamins, protein powder, and bcaa’s to help with recovery of your muscles!

Q: Do you count calories?

A: I used to when I was trying to compete. I got in great shape and it’s the best way to make sure you are 100% on track! But now I know what works for my body so I eat pretty much the same meals everyday!

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