August 3, 2023

3 Bootcamp Classes to Try in Saratoga

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, finding the right workout routine can be the hardest part. 

Although personal training offers customized results, there are times when you crave a more casual, cost effective, and enjoyable group workout to get in shape.

A bootcamp class ticks all of these boxes! 

Bootcamp fitness classes are a great way to get a full-body workout in a short amount of time. 

They typically combine cardio and strength training exercises, and they are led by experienced instructors who can help you stay motivated and on track.

If you are looking for a bootcamp class in Saratoga, California, here are three great options:

1. Paragon Body: Booty Bootcamp

Paragon Body: Booty Bootcamp

Paragon Body has a terrific bootcamp option right in Saratoga to help you burn a few extra calories each week. 

Booty Bootcamp is a challenging glute and core workout that helps you shape and define your booty through a series of demanding exercises that change each week! 

But the best part about Booty Bootcamp are the people. Paragon Body is known for its group of motivating and inspirational people, meaning you’ll always leave happier and more inspired than when you walk in. 

Booty Bootcamp in Saratoga runs every Saturday morning at 9am and costs $40 for a drop-in class or $120 for a monthly pass. 

You can view more details here:

2. Transform Fitness Studio

Transform Fitness Studio is a franchise studio that offers bootcamp classes in Saratoga using their Megaformer machine. 

The Megaformer workout is built around the concept of muscle exhaustion, which occurs when muscles are under constant tension and worked outside of their comfort zone. There is no momentum and no impact on joints, only specific and controlled muscle contraction. 

You will work your whole body in one 45 minute session, resulting in improved muscle endurance and efficiency, core strength, cardio, balance, flexibility, and a lean sculpted look.

Your first trial class is $25 and a pack of 4 classes costs $132. 

You can find more information here:

3. Krave Fitness

The last Saratoga bootcamp on our list is at Krave Fitness. 

Get back to basics with a fitness boot camp class at Krave. 

One of the great attributes of group training is the relationships you build while training with partners. There is a real communal feel to small group training. Additionally, it’s more cost effective than 1:1 personal training and you’re able to workout with a family member or friend!

While Krave Fitness does not mention their pricing or class schedule online, you can reach out for more information via their website here:

Have a bootcamp class in Saratoga, California that we didn’t mention? Reach out to us and we’d love to add you to our list!