September 6, 2023

How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost in Saratoga?

Personal trainers aren’t just for Hollywood A-listers. 

They’re for everyone ready to take the next steps in improving their fitness, health and well-being.

Whether you’re looking for a way to build more muscle, reduce your resting heart rate, or somebody to keep you accountable while you make positive progress in the gym, then a personal trainer is nothing short of a fantastic investment. But how much does personal training cost in Saratoga?

Personal trainers factor in a variety of elements when costing their services. At times, these costs can be higher than expected, but they’re priced at what they are for good reason. 

If you’ve been considering hiring a personal trainer for some time but are unsure if the financial commitment is worth it, then check out all you need to know about personal training costs below!

What to look for in a personal trainer

Before you start worrying about how much a personal trainer is going to cost you, you need to know what to look for in a personal trainer. 

Why? Because like other industry coaches, personal trainers may have greater experience in different fitness areas, so you want to find one that understands your body and your journey. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing a personal trainer:

  • Experience: How long have they been working as a personal trainer? What kind of clients have they trained? What results have they achieved? Experience can indicate the level of professionalism, knowledge and skills of a personal trainer. It can also show how well they can adapt to different situations and challenges.

  • Credentials: A legitimate personal trainer holds appropriate credentials that demonstrate the quality and credibility of their training. Personal training isn’t just about fitness, it’s about the science and physiology of the body, it is in your best interest to find out if your personal trainer knows their stuff!

  • Approach and method: Different personal trainers approach training through different methods. You want to choose a personal trainer that takes into account your lifestyle and can adjust workout and nutrition plans based on your daily routine.

  • Personality: There’s no use signing up to work with a personal trainer if the two of you just can’t get on. Make sure to meet your personal trainer beforehand and ask questions to gauge what they’re like as a person – preferably one that matches your vibe and understands you whole.

  • Testimonials and reviews: When choosing a personal trainer in Saratoga, Google can be your best friend. Check out your personal trainer’s social media platforms, read the reviews found online, and see what others say about their work. 

Different types of personal trainer

Where once upon a time personal training was a service offered strictly in face-to-face settings, the industry adapted throughout the pandemic to provide its offering in more convenient ways. 

Some personal trainers may prefer to provide their training remotely, others through groups, and some may even prefer both! 

Face-to-face personal training is the most common type of service you’ll be offered by a trainer, primarily because the sessions can be carried out almost anywhere, be it a park, gym, or your back garden. 

A face-to-face personal trainer will provide you with hands-on guidance, feedback and support during your sessions, and for the most part, they’ll also have access to various equipment and tools that can enhance your workouts.

On the contrary, an online personal trainer is one that’s with you, always, just not in person. They’ll work with you remotely using video streaming software such as Zoom, or by providing you with tailored workout and nutrition plans through their apps. 

Online coaching often comes with accountability and regular check-ins, ensuring that you’re sticking thoroughly to the plan no matter where you are in the world.

Lastly, for those who thrive in environments fuelled by support and competition, group personal training is a must. Group personal trainers often work in small groups of 2 to 6 people whose fitness journies align. Group trainers will provide tailored training that benefits the entire group, and they create often fun and social exercise routines that not only keep you in shape but boost your motivation and help you make some more friends.

How much do personal trainers cost?

The cost of hiring a personal trainer depends on several factors, such as their experience, credentials, location, availability and demand. 

Generally speaking, the more experienced, qualified, popular and busy a personal trainer is, the more they charge per hour. Additionally, where a personal trainer operates can also influence cost. 

For example, a personal training session over in the Big Apple may be more expensive than one over in Saratoga because of additional fees associated with ground rent and living expenses. It’s against this backdrop that we pride ourselves on providing competitive rates for you, your business, and anyone else you want to bring along on your fitness journey.


How to save money on personal training

If you’d like to “save” money on personal training, then it’s high time you stop thinking of personal training as an expense, and instead start looking at it as an investment – an investment in YOU. Below are the most cost-efficient ways in which you can invest in your personal training journey:

  • Buy a package or a subscription: Many personal trainers offer discounts or incentives if you buy a package or a subscription of multiple sessions in advance.

  • Group training: Personal trainers may offer lower rates if you train with a partner or a group, as they can split the cost among themselves. This can help you save money per session and also enjoy the social aspect of training with others.

  • Hybrid training: Face-to-face sessions can be costly, particularly in today’s day and age where rising living costs have affected us more than we had hoped. Opting for hybrid-model training (both online and face-to-face) can help you save money per session and also have more flexibility and convenience in your workouts.

Why choose Paragon Body?

Intricate knowledge surrounding all things fitness isn’t embedded in our minds from birth. Instead, it takes years of hard work and sheer dedication to the industry. Hard work and dedication that our team here at Paragon Body proudly exerts day to day.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Saratoga that offers high-quality, affordable and flexible services, then we could be your best bet. We’re a fitness center that offers a range of personal training services to both individuals and corporates.

Our dedicated team of certified, experienced and passionate personal trainers can help you reach your goals using methods tailored specifically to your preferences in a way that redefines what it means to have fun whilst being healthy. 

Still unsure if personal training is for you? Why not book a free consultation and trial session with a member of our team, and get a first-hand feel of our expertise and amenities.


Have more questions about personal training? Check out our answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How do I pay for personal training?

You can pay for personal training using various payment options, such as cash, card, cheque, bank transfer or online payment. You can also pay per session or per package depending on your preference.

How do I cancel or reschedule a session?

You can cancel or reschedule a session by contacting your personal trainer directly at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel or reschedule within 24 hours, you may be charged a cancellation fee or lose a session from your package.

How do I get started with personal training?

You can get started with personal training by booking a free consultation and trial session with one of our personal trainers at Paragon Body. You can contact us by phone, email or through our website to schedule your appointment.