October 22, 2021

Top Independent Gyms in San Jose, California

Are you in the San Jose, CA area and looking for the best gym to go to? Look no further than this list!

When searching for your perfect gym, it's important to make sure that it meets a few important criteria in order to get the best out of your training. Here are a few of the things you'll want to consider: 

  • Well-credentialed trainers
  • Clean and up-to-date equipment
  • Passionate, enthusiastic people
  • Results! You want to make sure their clients get results
  • Happy and positive atmosphere

The gyms mentioned on this list meet these criteria, and then some.

How can we be certain? Well, we are a gym ourselves! 

In today's blog, we're going to give you our recommendations for our favorite gyms (besides us) in the San Jose area. We know good gyms when we see them - and the small businesses on this list are gyms we're happy to promote and support.

Now, let's dive in! 

Top Gym In San Jose

Left Coast Fitness

Left Coast fitness is a private personal training gym that has top tier trainers and members. The gym is around 8,000 square feet with a large gym space and very low traffic due to appointment based workouts. You can do bodywork with Frankie Paletta, muscle activation therapy with Scott Lamb, or choose from a variety of other trainers to help you with general strength training. In our current climate, we like Left Coast Fitness because we find it one of the safest places to workout during the pandemic. Every person on the floor is with a trainer, which allows Left Coast Fitness to control the cleanliness of the gym!

Top Gym In San Jose

Red Dot Fitness

Red Dot not only has a great reputation with the public, but as a gym ourselves, we love Red Dot too! Red Dot Fitness just does it right. All of their trainers are highly educated and caring and supported by brilliant owners, Scott and Cece. This is a place where you will not only reach your goals, but also grow in knowledge and build a great community of people around you through fitness. Red Dot offers one-on-one training, Nutrition consulting, group classes and more.  From one gym to another, we can highly recommend!

Top Gym In San Jose


WESTCA is owned and operated by great people, Tory and Meaghan Reign. The gym is located in Downtown San Jose and is family owned and operated. They are an open gym, and have some really great trainers there to help you along the way. The staff and the members are very welcoming, creating a very welcoming and safe environment for literally anyone who walks in. Machines and free weights are top-of-the-line so you can get a good workout there whether you are a beginner or a pro bodybuilder. We highly recommend WESTCA if you are looking for a quality gym with a great and friendly environment!

Top Gym In San Jose

Paragon Body

That's us! We couldn't finish the list without mentioning ourselves as a great place to come and train in the San Jose, CA area. Here at Paragon Body, we have a group of passionate and enthusiastic personal trainers, nutritionists, and meditation specialists on hand to help create your own custom wellness program in order to help you reach your goals. Our people are what make it! Just ask our 40+ 5-star reviews on Google. Come experience it for yourself with our complimentary free trial.

Top Gyms in San Jose, CA

You'll notice that every gym we mention is an independently owned small business. The reason we highlight these gyms in particular is because unlike big box gyms, they are less crowded and safer environments during COVID-19, and also because we love supporting small businesses!

Every gym on this list is a great place for you to start or continue your health and fitness journey. If you'd like us to answer any unbiased questions about anything you read on this list, you can reply directly to us here.

Until next time!