July 29, 2022

Virtual Team Building Activities To Do in 2022

In the aftermath of COVID-19 and the “working from home” era, many employees continue to work in a hybrid model - meaning both at home and in the office. 

While a hybrid working model may seems great to the employee (Yay PJ meetings!), the ability to bond and connect with coworkers becomes greatly diminished. 

Which begs the question: when half of your employees are working from home and the other half are in the office, how do you boost company morale and employee bonding? 

Here are a few virtual team building activities that have worked well for companies like Zoom, Qualcomm, and others.

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Activity: Team Work Outs

One thing that all successful companies have in common is they care about the health & wellbeing of their employees. 

Which is why so many large tech companies are turning to virtual and in-person corporate fitness to help bring employees closer together, and increase productivity and motivation at work. 

Team workouts are a great way to get both remote and on-campus employees involved in the same activity, and pump up the heartbeat at the same time. 

For a limited time, Paragon Body is offering one free fitness, stretching, or meditation class to companies with more than 50 employees. Sign up here.

Virtual Team Building Activity: Have a Good News Day

Do you remember Show & Tell day at school? When you could bring your favorite, most prized possession to school and show it off to all of your friends? 

That’s essentially what a Good News Day is! Try setting aside one hour every week to let employees share a good news story or something they are proud of. It doesn’t need to be work related! Sharing something of pride can instantly boost morale, and is guaranteed to spark conversations throughout the company. '

Virtual Team Building Activity: Lunch & Learn

Another great virtual team building activity is to provide lunch-time education. 

A Lunch & Learn is a great way to encourage healthy eating, and get remote & in-person employees involved at the same time. 

Try inviting a guest speaker to host a webinar one day a month to chat about a specific wellness topic - i.e. healthy recipes, how food affects the body, how to calculate macros, etc. 

At Paragon Body, we provide this opportunity as part of our employee wellness program, as we’ve found that employees love the opportunity to learn about various topics and ask our nutritionists and dietitians any burning questions they have. 

You can even take it one step further and provide healthy catering to any employees in the office that day. (If you’re in the Bay Area, we recommend LeanFeast!) Not only will this encourage attendance, but employees will feel invigorated and rejuvenated after eating a vitamin-packed meal.

Virtual Team Building Activities 2022

Virtual Team Building Activity: Trivia Time

Trivia games are another virtual team building activity that have become quite popular in 2022. 

They are easy to organize for both remote and in-person employees, and often encourage critical thinking, teamwork, and laughter(!) among peers.

Here are 24 great online options for your team to try out this Friday.

Virtual Team Building Activities in 2022

Virtual Team Building Activity: Have a Wellness Challenge

Last but not least, why not make your virtual team building activity last all week?!

Recently, Paragon Body helped Zoom put on a Wellness Week Challenge that invited employees from across the globe - North America, Europe, and Australiasia to participate in ongoing wellness classes.

The week consisted of an online wellness portal for all employees to access, global team workouts hosted in all three timezones, daily healthy recipes, guest health speakers, and much more! 

Interesting in hosting your own Wellness Week? You can submit your interest over on the Get In Touch page.

Are you ready to introduce fitness & wellness activities to your workplace? You can book a completely free introductory chat using the calendar here!