May 18, 2022

What Is An Employee Wellness Program?

  • An employee wellness program is a company-funded program that improves the health and wellbeing of its employees. 
  • Paragon Body is a leading employee wellness company for companies like Zoom, Conde Nast, Qualcomm, Clari, and more.
  • An employee wellness program can include classes such as Full Body Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition, Meditation, and more.

What Is An Employee Wellness Program?

Retaining employees is hard enough in the best of times. 

In a time of the Great Resignation? It seems damn near impossible. 

And while you don’t need a reason to make the office more enjoyable, it’s a good time as ever to pause and reflect on how to attract and retain your employees. 

Enter the Employee Wellness Program.

An Employee Wellness Program is a company-funded program that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of its employees. 

Here at Paragon Body, we provide a leading employee wellness program to companies like Zoom, Conde Nast, Qualcomm, Clari, and others. 

What Is Included in An Employee Wellness Program?

Employee Wellness Program Demo

While an Employee Wellness Program will vary depending on the provider you choose, here at Paragon Body we include a wide array of services and classes that are suitable for every employee. 

Here is an example of various classes and educational series that are included in the Paragon Body Employee Wellness Program:

Full Body Fitness

Class Schedule:

  • 10 minutes warm up
  • 30 minutes full body circuit
  • 15 minutes cool down and stretch 

In this class, we'll go through a gentle full-body workout to help strengthen the body and bring clarity to the mind. As employees grow together, the class will slowly advance, with no student left behind!


Class Schedule:

  • 5 Mins - Grounding practices
  • 5 Mins - Warm up
  • 10 Mins - Sun salutation (energy flow)
  • 10-15 Mins - Standing poses
  • 15 Mins - Floor poses
  • 5 Mins - Winding down
  • 5 Mins - Savasana

In this class, we'll practice the basics and fundamentals of yoga to help align, strengthen, and promote flexibility in the body and clarity in the mind. You can expect simplicity and repetition in each class. Full body relaxation and balance are the goals of this teaching. As employees grow together, the class will slowly advance, with no student left behind!

Morning Meditation

Join us for a gentle morning meditation that is designed to center you and bring you calm before the day ahead.

Class Schedule

  • 5 mins of grounding & breathing
  • 15 mins of specific focused meditation
  • 5 mins of intentional breathing

You can view of our classes over on our Corporate Wellness Program page

Is An Employee Wellness Program Only Fitness Classes?

An Employee Wellness Program should always encompass much more than fitness or nutrition classes. 

After all, what you do outside of the gym is always more important than the 30-60 minutes you spend inside of it. 

At Paragon Body, our goal is to give employees the tools and resources to live healthier and happier outside of the time we spend together. 

Here are a few valuable services that are included in every Employee Wellness Program: 

1. Weekly Health Reminders

Weekly Health Reminders are a great way to connect with employees each week outside of classes. At Paragon Body, employees receive a helpful wellness or nutrition tip in their inbox to give them a boost throughout the week.

Employee Wellness Program Paragon Body

2. Employee Consulting Sessions

Sometimes employees will have an individual question about exercise or nutrition that they don’t feel comfortable asking in front of a group. At Paragon Body, we are the only Employee Wellness Company to offer free individual sessions for employees, where they can meet one-on-one with our personal trainers and nutritionists to get customized advice for their unique situation. 

3. Recipe Hub

Nutrition is such a huge part of the health and wellness journey, which is why we place such a huge emphasis on healthy eating at Paragon Body. Through our Employee Wellness Program, employees receive access to our comprehensive Recipe Hub, which is full of trainer-approved recipes for every meal of the day. Recipes are updated monthly! 

Employee Wellness Program

4. Online Mental Health Sessions

After two isolating years of COVID and risk of work burn-out, it’s important that your Employee Wellness Program addresses mental health as well. Here at Paragon Body, we’ve teamed up with BetterHelp to give employees one free month of online therapy sessions.

5. Online Company Platform

We understand that everyone has a busy, stressful schedule. That’s one of the reasons we’re in business! At Paragon Body, every company has their own unique Paragon Body platform where employees can login to catch up on previously recorded classes, view health reminders, sign up for consulting sessions, and more.

Trial an Employee Wellness Class in 2022

Employee Wellness Program 2022

Are you wondering if an Employee Wellness Program is a good fit for your workplace? 

We have a great news!

This spring, Paragon Body is offering one free wellness class to any company with 50 employees or more. 

Choose from our wide array of wellness classes and bring your employees together for a fun hour of bonding. 

Simply fill out this form and one of our team members will get in touch with you within 1 business day. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, you can reach out to anytime. 

Until next time!