December 17, 2021

What Is Corporate Fitness?

On average, people in the USA work 1,757 hours a year, around 37.5 hours a week.  Although, we are sure some may work many more hours!

That’s a lot of time to be chained to a desk. 

Additionally, due to COVID, it’s estimated that at least 70% of people work remotely at least once a week. 

Meaning, without the frequent office meetings and water fountain chats, more and more people have found themselves stationary behind their desks at home for longer… and longer… 

Which is why there has been a recent rise in what’s known as corporate fitness - the encouragement of physical activity and wellness at work. 

In this blog, we’re going to tackle what corporate fitness is and how you can incorporate it into your own space at work. 

Let’s dive in.

What is Corporate Fitness?

What is Corporate Fitness

Corporate fitness is the integration of physical activity - such as gym, exercise classes, or other wellness activity - into the workplace, as a benefit provided by the company. 

Corporate fitness can be provided virtually or on-site, and can be in a structured or casual environment. 

Here are a few examples of companies who have incorporated corporate fitness into the workplace. 


Zoom uses Paragon Body to introduce corporate fitness to their thousands of employees virtually. Each week, employees can attend a range of classes that include Full Body Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition Consulting, and Mindfulness & Meditation in order to move their bodies more and connect together as a team. 


Indeed has built an on-site fitness center on their Austin, TX campus to give employees the option of working out before, after, or even during work hours. 


Slack has given their employees Gympass, which allows them access to over 5,000 gyms and nutrition classes across the country.

Why Is Corporate Fitness So Important?

Have you heard the expression, “it’s not what you do in the gym that counts, but what you do out of it”? 

It’s true. 

According to expert trainer Jordan Cook of Paragon Body, “You can go to the gym for 30 minutes every day, however, if you sit down for the other 23.5 hours of the day, your health and wellness is going to decline.”

Which is why corporate fitness is so critical to the health and wellbeing of employees. 

Corporate fitness has proven to bring a range of benefits to not only employees but to the companies themselves.

Fewer Sick Days

By having a corporate wellness program, employees are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors such as changing diet and activity, allowing them to be in better physical and mental shape for work.

Talent Acquisition

Companies who offer a corporate fitness package included in their contract are more likely to attract and keep the cream-of-crop talent. In current hiring drought conditions, attracting high quality employees is more important now than ever.

Lower costs

Healthier employees can reduce the number of premiums charged by your insurance.

Increased Morale

Employees post-COVID are leaving companies in droves. Why? Many blame poor working conditions and low morale for leaving. Programs like corporate fitness not only improve the health and wellbeing of every employee, but they also create a culture of connection and camaraderie that employees don’t want to leave.

How Can You Incorporate Corporate Fitness Into The Workplace?

Introducing corporate fitness into the workplace can be as simple as making a 30-minute walk break mandatory after lunch, to as exciting as implementing virtual fitness & wellness classes. 

Here at Paragon Body, we place an emphasis on creating a health & wellness culture that every employee wants to join. 

With our range of corporate fitness classes - full body fitness, nutrition classes, stretching, meditation, and yoga - as well as our weekly email health tips and 1:1 employee consulting, we’ve created a corporate fitness program for everyone. 

To get started with a one month trial of the corporate fitness program used by Zoom, Qualcomm, Conde Nast, and more, you can schedule a time to chat here

Until next time!