Paragon Body specializes in virtual or in person corporate wellness programs, personal training, and nutrition consulting.

Our 360 Corporate Wellness Program is all about creating a health-focused community within your organization. We will create a program for your company that gets your employees excited to come join classes and interact with us and live a lifestyle that promotes self-care.

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What We Offer

On-Site & Virtual Classes & Services

Classes• Full body fitness• Full body stretch• Yoga• Meditation

Services• Chair massage• Open communication with our staff via email for questions about health and nutrition, etc.• Wellness talks: Nutrition 101, Movement snacks, etc.

Special wellness events

Weekend hikes, healthy team lunches, cooking classes, etc.

Weekly Wellness Reminders

We offer weekly one page newsletters to help keep your employees focused on their health and wellness. These one pagers promote stress relief, work life balance, nutritional guidance, postural tips, workout tips etc.

Full Program Management

We worked directly with you to come up with a custom health and wellness program for your organization and take it from there, managing 100% of the day-to-day programming for your organization from setting up the registration for the classes, services and special events to marketing the programs and encouraging attendance internally and sending out the wellness reminders directly to employees. It is important to us that your employees take full advantage of the programs offered and feel comfortable interacting with our team.

We also offer event coordination for team events whether it be an on site wellness event, weekend hike, or a healthy team lunch!


Happy Clients

What makes our program unique?

We aim to use our classes as a tool to strengthen your employees not only physically, but also in their relationships together, to grow and thrive as a whole!


If you’re interested in offering your employees an enriching corporate wellness experience, contact us today.